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Madera Group team values first and foremost building community. We have a track record of lasting relationships with clients, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, elected leaders, and community-based organizations to enhance and expand business objectives, policy, programs, and initiatives that support a better and more just world.


Madera Group takes pride in our work and great effort and care for our clients. We spend time with our clients to best advise them on how to achieve your business and growth objectives.


We take a 360 degree view of your mission, objectives, and goals and provide high-level strategy and a multi-channel approach to grow your audience and further your brand and funding.


A Letter From Our Founder, Kath Delaney

In these surreal times we must come together to support one another. Now, more than ever, your work is vitally important. How can Madera Group help?

Amidst the turmoil of COVID, the upheaval of the economy, and unthinkable challenges – we are adapting, evolving, and becoming more conscious about our values and what truly matters. I know that by working together wecan and must do better in serving our communities and colleagues.  

First, we must forge ahead with more sane, equitable, and innovative solutions and continue to reject violence, support the Black Lives Matter movement, and elect a new administration this November. 

Madera Group, the communications, digital marketing, and fundraising agency I founded 16 years ago, is standing by to help you amplify and expand your mission. Madera Group is mission-driven, run by successful advocates for progressive values and social change.

If you or anyone in your network might benefit from our services, we have openings for a few select partnerships with mid- to high-level organizations, foundations, and thought leaders like yourself.

Madera Group has been successful securing multi-million-dollar funding investments from the public and private sectors, both in strong economies and challenging ones. We match high level funders with innovative initiatives championed by groundbreaking leaders. In that vein, I couldn’t be prouder to be joined by my longtime colleagues Michael Stein and Barbara Webber in leading this new chapter for Madera Group. Michael is a leading expert in digital fundraising and communications. Barbara is a D.C. based expert in strategic communications and securing high profile media coverage.  Additionally, Amara Weiss, a top-notch account director, recently joined our team in San Francisco.

I would love to hear from you. While in person coffee is not available right now, I’d love to schedule a short meeting to learn about your work and explore how Madera Group can support you. You can email me directly at kdelaney@maderagroup.net or give me a call at (415) 531-1642.

We are committed to helping you navigate these rough waters, knowing that, together, we can build a brighter future.

All my best,

Kath Delaney

Madera Group, Principal and Founder

kdelaney@maderagroup.net | (415) 531-1642


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