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Kath Delaney

Founder & Principal Madera Group

    Kath Delaney founded Madera Group, a San Francisco Bay Area social impact consulting agency, in 2004 to advance the causes she feels are critical to social and political change. In her career, she has managed nonprofit organizations, designed and executed mass-scale social impact campaigns, raised millions of dollars for progressive organizations and political candidates, and has promoted thought leaders and policy initiatives to global audiences.


    Ms. Delaney has a national reputation as an organizer and leader in progressive social movements and political campaigns. She is a sought-after strategist, advisor, fundraiser, organizer, and networker. Her expertise includes organizational strategy, policy and program development, integrated multichannel fundraising, social marketing, and strategic communications.


    Kath works in partnership with her clients on vital campaigns for women’s leadership, health care reform, economic and social justice, environmental and conservation initiatives, and global security issues.


    Prior to launching Madera Group, Kath was the Managing Director of the Global Security Institute (GSI), founded by the late Senator Alan Cranston. The mission of GSI is to promote security through the elimination of nuclear weapons. Long on the world stage, Kath has produced and participated in global conferences for numerous heads of state, Nobel Laureates, elected officials, opinion leaders, and other change agents.


    In addition to her extensive NGO experience, Kath has worked in the political arena on nine presidential campaigns in communications, field operations, advance, and fundraising. Kath was an elected delegate from California in 2020 for President Joe Biden and in 2008 and 2016 for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. Kath most recently served on President Joe Biden's and Vice President Kamala Harris' National Fundraising Committee, on Hillary for America’s National Fundraising Committee, and advised the Biden campaign on several working policy groups.


    Kath was the National Coordinator for the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day in 1990, attracting millions of people around the world to a new generation of environmental action. Subsequently, she was a producer and consultant to Earth Day 1991, 1992, and 1995. Kath had the good fortune early in her career to working with the leader in the progressive communication agencies, Fenton Communications, and assisting the world-renowned civil rights all-female a cappella singing group Sweet Honey in the Rock as they traveled around the world.


    Kath brings to Madera Group an extensive network of mission-minded professional consultants, philanthropists, and a wide range of media relationships. While forming Madera Group, she enlisted best-in-class professionals in organizational development, fundraising, Internet strategy, public relations, social media, web-based programming, video production, and related fields to form the agency’s client service teams.


    In partnership with her husband, Erik Johnson, they co-founded Madera Group Media in 2007 to better serve Madera Group’s client’s digital storytelling needs and aspirations.  You can view Madera Group Media videos and documentaries here.


    Kath lives in Kensington, California with her husband, Erik Johnson, daughter Sushma Antonia, and their beloved animals Nabu and Gracie. When Kath is not working for her clients you can find her on the hiking trail or on the campaign trail depending on the season.

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