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Heather White

Executive Producer & Strategist 

    Heather White is a social mission and sustainability consultant, human rights advocate, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur. Heather is the founder and former Executive Director of Verité, whose mission catalyzed retail giants to address child and forced labor violations in global supply chains. Heather co-directed and produced the award-winning film COMPLICIT, which won nine international film festival awards. 


    Heather is a visiting scholar at the University of Greenwich, London's Law and Human Rights Program.  She was previously a research fellow at Harvard University’s Edmund Safra Center for Ethics, where she explored corporate social responsibility and challenges to its credibility as a force for change.  


    Heather graduated from Harvard University and an M.S. degree in political economy from MIT. She is based in New York City and is married to Freddie Bryant, a renowned jazz guitarist and composer. 

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