Our Services

Madera Group furthers social change. Our national network of movers and shakers, funders, and public policy advocates all facilitate social good. We apply your objectives by developing strategic plans, managing fundraising campaigns, writing and rehearsing donor pitch strategies, executing email marketing campaigns, providing media placement, coordinating digital marketing, and producing websites and videos to promote your initiatives. Through our media arm, Madera Group Media, we produce documentaries and change maker stories. Growing your organization means finding ways to engage the public in your vision, your values, and your offerings. By developing programs, policy initiatives, and communications strategies your message—and mission—can be brought to the front of a crowded field. Key ways to reach the public include optimizing outreach through strategic events, the internet, email, and leveraging social media to carry your messages to broad audiences; cultivating and maintaining supporters across all channels through coordinated technology platforms.

Strategy for Success

Strategic planning
Re-framing mission, vision, program objectives 
Strategic communications 
Public engagement 
Donor engagement 
Political engagement 
Board and executive trainings

Marketing & Fundraising

Digital fundraising and marketing 
Multi-channel fundraising 
Grant writing and editing 
Fundraising Campaigns for Social Media Channels 
Micro-targeted social media buys 
Advertising across channels


Public relations 
Earned media 
Crisis management
Press calls and outreach
Media placement 
Press conferences
On camera training

Website & Social Media

Data analytics 
Search engine optimization


Brand design 
Web and print design
Content generation
Writing and Editing 
Video concept and production 

Causes & Campaigns

Social, Racial, and Gender Equity 
Health and Wellness 
Environment and Sustainability
Climate Crisis 
Peace and Security 
Arts and Culture 
Human rights 
Children’s Advocacy 
Animal Welfare 
Election Reform
Voting Rights
Civil Rights
Political Campaigns 
Female Candidates Running for Public Office

Social Capital

Relationship building
Women-led startup training and coaching
Investor relation communications 
Targeted marketing 
Pitch deck preparation