Madera Group Executive Team

    Kath Delaney, Founder & Principal

    Kath Delaney founded Madera Group a social change agency in 2004 to advance the causes she feels passionate about advancing. In her career, she has managed nonprofit organizations, designed and executed mass scale public engagement campaigns, and has promoted leaders and policy initiatives to wider audiences. Ms. Delaney has a national reputation as a leader in progressive social movements and political campaigns. She is a sought-after advisor, fundraiser, relationship builder, and networker. Her expertise includes organizational strategy, policy and program development, integrated multi-channel fundraising, social marketing and strategic communications.  Kath works in partnership with her clients on vital campaigns for women’s economic development, healthcare reform, medical research, addiction and recovery policy and grassroots advocacy, resiliency, and global security initiatives.

    Prior to launching Madera Group, Kath was Managing Director of the Global Security Institute (GSI), founded by the late Senator Alan Cranston. The mission of GSI is to promote security through the elimination of nuclear weapons. Long on the world stage, Kath has produced and participated in global conferences for numerous heads of state, Nobel Laureates, elected officials, opinion leaders and other change agents.

    In addition to her extensive NGO experience, Kath has worked in the political arena on nine presidential campaigns in communications, field operations, advance, and fundraising. Kath was an elected delegate from California in 2008 and 2016 for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. Kath was the National Coordinator for the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day in 1990 attracting millions of people around the world to a new generation of environmental action. Subsequently, she was a producer and consultant to Earth Day 1991, 1992 and 1995. Kath had the good fortune early in her career to working with Fenton Communications and assisting Sweet Honey in the Rock as they traveled around the world.

    Kath brings to Madera Group an extensive network of mission-minded professional consultants, philanthropists and a wide range of media relationships. In forming Madera Group, she enlisted best-in-class professionals in organizational development, fundraising, Internet strategy, public relations, social media, web-based programming, video production, and related fields to form the agency’s client service teams.

    In partnership with her husband Erik Johnson, they co-founded Madera Group Media in 2007 to better serve Madera Group’s clients digital storytelling needs and aspirations.  You can view Madera Group Media videos and documentaries here.

    Kath lives in Kensington, California with her husband Erik Johnson, daughter Sushma Antonia, and their beloved animals Nabu and Gracie. When Kath is not working for her clients you can find her on the hiking trail or the campaign trail depending on the season.

    Madera Group Media

    Erik Johnson, Executive Producer

    Erik Johnson is the founder of Madera Group Media. He is an award-winning Multi-Media Producer of video, interactive technologies, website design, and integrated communications. He has been recognized by AV Multimedia Producer’s Magazine as one of the top 100 video producers in the U.S.

    Erik has over 20 years experience in both client and agency environments. He has produced and managed multi-media projects for companies including Adobe, Canon, Columbia Tristar, Nikon, Sony Computer Entertainment, Palm, Japan Airlines, Nvidia, Mandalay Resort Group, McCann Erickson and Wired Magazine, and nonprofits such as the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza Spain and the Clinton Foundation.

    Erik spent his early career as an environmental organizer and was a National Campaign Director for Greenpeace. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Science.

    Marianne Gaddy, Strategic Partner


    Marianne is a sought after highly talented development and fundraising consultant from the San Francisco, Bay Area. Marianne has raised millions of dollars for political and nonprofit clients. She understands the tenacity it takes to achieve the bottom line and is a true partner in all settings. Marianne has a long track record working with diverse teams members leveraging results in fundraising campaigns, special events or high net worth donor engagements.

    Marianne brings big picture understanding and detailed precision to every project she takes on. She works closely with teams to bring the greatest impact and fundraising results. Marianne has worked with a diverse client base including the Gorbachev Foundation, the Oscar Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, Human Rights Watch and the government of the Slovak Republic. She has worked with business leaders such as the Council of Growing Companies, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, and the NASDAQ Stock Market; environmental organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council; and politicians such as Governor Jerry Brown, former Governor Gray Davis, and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. A graduate of the University of San Francisco, Marianne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics. She has also held Series 62 and 63 securities licenses when raising money for start-up ventures. Marianne lives with her husband John Gaddy in Petaluma, California.

    Jill Freeman, Strategic Partner


    Jill Freeman is a philanthropic consultant with twenty years of experience driving positive social impact. She is a skilled strategist, project designer, idea generator, speaker, fundraiser and facilitator who brings clarity to complex projects and communication efforts.

    Jill has consulted with familiar social good organizations like the National Park Conservation Association, the Aspen Institute and Council on Foundations, as well as numerous small nimble funders and nonprofits. Her work at the Harwood Institute is where she learned the power of civic engagement. And her time at the Global Philanthropy Forum is where she honed her skills creating compelling content and understanding effective giving strategies. She’s currently collaborating with the stellar team at Madera Group as well as helping launch several new social sector initiatives.

    She has met dozens of luminaries over the years and once read Madame Jehan Sadat’s speech at a gala while M. Sadat stood watching with a bad case of laryngitis. A rare California hockey fan in her younger days, Jill was one of the first employees of the San Jose Sharks and still has a jersey from the inaugural season.

    Jill has a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University SAIS that brought her to Washington, D.C. and Bologna, Italy. After years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jill now resides in lovely Rochester, NY where she can often be found searching out new trails with her husband and two little boys.

    Madera Group Senior Consultants

    Michael Stein, Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy & Online Fundraising

    mstein-photo-feb06-100Michael Stein is a veteran nonprofit technology strategist who has worked for the past twenty-five years at the intersection of communications, social media, and fundraising. His areas of expertise include online fundraising, email messaging, email list growth, website usability, blogging, mobile content and social media. Michael has most recently worked as a Senior Account Executive at Donordigital in Berkeley, California, where he assisted national, regional and local nonprofits in raising money online and engaging supporters.

    Michael has most recently worked as a Senior Account Executive at Donordigital in Berkeley, California, where he assisted national, regional and local nonprofits in raising money online and engaging supporters.

    Michael has provided strategic consulting to numerous organizations during his professional career including  the Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, United Nations Food Program, The James Irvine Foundation, Animal Legal Defense Fund, American Lung Association of California, and the ACLU of Northern California.

    Cary Dakin, Ph.D., M.F.T., Organizational Psychology Consultant


    Cary Dakin brings a unique set of professional experiences in leadership development, organizational health, and personal wellness to Madera Group. Cary draws from her knowledge and expertise from business, finance, development, strategic communications and psychology into her consulting practice. She works with mission-critical organizations, social entrepreneurs, and businesses to inspire peak performance and personal wellbeing.

    Cary consults regularly with upper management and leaders of organizations by helping them to develop stronger teams, clarity of mission and objectives to better serve their vision and goals. Cary has worked in executive positions with Women’s Trust, One World Children’s Fund and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

    Cary has maintained a psychotherapy practice for the past twenty years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cary has both her MA Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Depth Psychotherapy. Cary lives in Marin County in California. She has been long associated with women’s issues, human rights campaigns, environmental and animal welfare organizations.

    Holly Hayes, Institutional Giving and Grant Writing Consultant

    Holly7Holly Hayes has more than 20 years of experience in institutional fundraising, program planning, and evaluation. She has particular expertise in securing and maintaining large local, state, and federal government grants and contracts, as well as in prospecting and grant writing for private funders. She is also well-versed in program planning, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.

    She has a Masters of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) from the University of San Francisco, and she administered over $10 million in government funds annually in her seven-year stint as Director of Public Funding for Larkin Street Youth Services. As an independent consultant, she has continued to work with Larkin Street, as well as Clinic By The Bay, Juma Ventures, Felton Institute/Family Services Agency of San Francisco, Diversity Center of Santa Cruz, Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas, Interface Family and Children’s Services, One Heart World-Wide, and Livingston Community Health. Her greatest interest and experience has been in the field of health and human services for marginalized populations such as homeless youth and families, immigrants, the uninsured, HIV-positive individuals, the working poor, and those with criminal justice system involvement. Holly lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for two decades and now resides just outside of Austin, TX, where she is also a mom, a working musician, and a tireless advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and the plight of the underserved.

    Andre Carothers, Senior Advisor, Strategist, & Writer


    Andre Carothers has more than 25 years experience in non-profit management, philanthropy, program development, and organizational and leadership development. He is currently an independent consultant. He is the co-founder, former Executive Director, and now a Senior Fellow at the Rockwood Leadership Institute, a national non-profit training, and consulting organization. He serves as Chairman of the Board of the Rainforest Action Network and is a Board Member of International Rivers. He is also a senior adviser to the Weinmann Charitable Trust and Executive Director of the Furthur Foundation and the New Place Fund. From 1984 to 1997 he worked at Greenpeace USA as editor of their national newsmagazine, campaign manager and a member of the Board of Directors. He was a regular columnist for “E” Magazine and has written extensively on environment and civic issues for many publications. He has authored numerous reports, articles and conference presentations on topics ranging from the economics of timber extraction in Papua New Guinea to the integration of spiritual practice into social activism. He received an MA in environmental science from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley.

    Madera Group Interns

    Trinh Duong, Madera Group Intern

    Trinh Duong is a junior at U.C. Berkeley and majors in business administration at the Haas School of Business. Trinh has worked with several socially impactful groups including the 1947 Partition Archive. Trinh is a Gates Millennium scholar.




    Maddie Dimarco, Madera Group Intern

    MaddieMaddie Dimarco is a graduating senior at Occidental College studying sociology with a focus on education and gender. Maddie has previously held an internship with the United Nations Population Fund in Washington DC. In 2016, she received a John Parke Young Student Grant to conduct research in the Netherlands that she used to write her senior thesis. She will be graduating Magna Cum Laude from Occidental.


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