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Barbara Webber

Communications Consultant

    Barbara Webber has been providing her communications, public relations, and media relations expertise to leaders, organizations, authors, non-profits, and businesses since the 1980s. Barbara trains spokespersons, creates strategic plans, crafts effective messaging, and implements communications plans. Throughout her career, she led very successful and high-profile communication campaigns including those to end Apartheid, reduce the threat of nuclear weapons, improve human rights, protect the environment, and promote pressing social issues.


    She is a long-time friend and colleague of Kath Delaney, collaborating with the Madera Group over many years. Barbara lives, works, and plays in the Metro Washington, D.C. area where she performs in community theater and enjoys painting, gardening, and spending time with her grown daughter and loyal fur baby.  An active leader in her hometown of Annapolis, she served on the mayor’s transition team, advocates for social change, LGBTQ+ rights, leads an annual Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds in need, and volunteers to make change that matters.

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