Madera Group Team

Who We Are

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Kath Delaney

Epic social impact Producer

Founder & Principal Madera Group

The founder of Madera Group, she has mobilized millions of citizens to act, vote, and donate on behalf of human rights, climate change, and progressive democratic campaigns.


Madera Group designs and implements strategies, content, and events to grow your audiences, donor base, members, and programs. As a result, our experts can deliver robust initiatives, brand awareness, and increased revenue.


We are ready to help you manifest your vision and build the capacity to exceed your goals.

    Heather White

    Executive Producer & Strategist

    Heather White is a social mission and sustainability consultant, human rights advocate, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur.


      Manuel Hernandez

      Senior Advisor 

      Manuel thrives at the intersection of culture, communications, inclusion, and social impact.

        Michael Stein

        Digital Marketing and Fundraising Consultant

        Michael Stein is a veteran nonprofit technology strategist who has worked for the past twenty-five years at the intersection of communications, social media, and fundraising.


        Barbara Webber

        Communications Consultant

        Barbara Webber has been providing her communications, public relations, and media relations expertise to leaders, organizations, authors, non-profits, and businesses since the 1980s.

          Sondra Hall

          Content Developer and Writer

          Sondra Hall is an experienced wordsmith with an extensive background as a freelance and on-staff writer.


            Oriana Gonzalez

            Project Coordinator, Design, Data, Creative

            Oriana Gonzalez is a multi-talented project manager, graphic designer, and artist.