Women Entrepreneurs

    WomensTrust Creating Opportunities in Ghana

    Last month, President Barack Obama spoke to people of Ghana about opportunity, responsibility, and the important role each of them has in determining their country’s future. His message was clear: “The world will be what you make of it.” Obama’s words challenged and encouraged the people of Ghana to take control of their own destiny – Africans have already shown their capacity and commitment to making change, and now is the time for them to use those tools to create new opportunities for themselves, he said.

    Madera Group and M3 Launch Race to 3,000!

    This month, the Madera Group continues our work with Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, launching a new “campaign within a campaign” to help increase enrollment in their program, Make Mine a Million $ Business. Founded by social entrepreneur and author Nell Merlino (who created “Take your Daughter to Work Day”), Count Me In helps women entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing (for free or at very low cost) a suite of online tools, webinars, national and regional events, and access to business development experts.

    Break Out of Isolation

    I am in San Francisco for the national conference of WBENC, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, giving the keynote address at lunch today.  As I prepare to speak I am overwhelmed with the importance of women getting together, reaching out and venturing out to talk with other business owners about how they are handling the dramatic changes in the marketplace, the economy and their family lives.

    Food and Clean Water for Future Generations

    “By loving the natural environment as we would a child, the environment will love and serve our children, producing food and clean water for future generations.” ~ Feliciano dos SantosHere in San Francisco we are fortunate to have the inspiring annual Goldman Environmental Awards. The financial prize increased this year to $150,000, which is a significant cash resource for the local activists from around the world.

    Muhammad Yunus at Commonwealth Club

    I had the good fortune to see Muhammad Yunus speak last week at the Commonwealth Club, and he was very inspiring. He spoke a bit about his overall philosophy of poverty reduction, some about Grameen's new corporate joint ventures (such as with Danone), and about Grameen Bank's new program for beggars.

    Subriverine Namesick Blues

    Madera Group produced a video to help launch the re-branding of International Rivers. The organization works to protect rivers and human rights around the world. It has played a crucial role in building a global river protection movement fostering grassroots organizations in more than 60 countries and promoting leadership though technical and strategic advice.

    Working with Ease — Is It Possible?

    … Athena Williams-Atwood (in photo at left) thinks so. She knows about the importance of working with enjoyment and relaxation — sixteen years ago, at a time when she was working 60 to 80 hours a week, Athena had to radically change the way she managed her stress and tremendous work load. Eventually Athena founded Work With Ease, based in the US and Australia, to work with individuals and organizations to achieve better results, with peace of mind and health intact.

    Networking at Craigslist Nonprofit Bootcamp

    The Craigslist Nonprofit Boot Camp connects social innovators with knowledge and resources on how to start and run a vibrant organization — and proves the Bay Area continues to lead the country in sustainable solutions.The exhibit hall at the August 18 conference at UC Berkeley was the place to be for networking — with about 40 nonprofit and business tables, it was packed throughout the day. I was working at the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs,

    Building an Organizational Blog: Seven Tips for Success

    As a professional Internet strategist I read articles, keep up on my blog feeds, and subscribe to listservs to stay current on trends with blogging, analytics, viral marketing and Web 2.0.  But I learn the most about blogging by building blogs for organizations.  There’s nothing quite as tangible as having to figure out the most basic issues with blogging,

    Lauren Travis and Women of the World Exchange

    Lauren Travis is Founder and Director of Women of the World Exchange (WOW), a cultural exchange and leadership development program for young professional women. She is also an intern at Wells Fargo and an MBA candidate at the University of San Francisco. I recently talked with her about her life and career in order to share inspiration, successes, and lessons learned with other young mission-driven women.