Social Innovation

Looking For a Few Good Women

Women own over 10 million businesses in the United States, yet less than 3% of women’s businesses reach $1 million or more in revenue. That’s why my longtime colleague, Nell Merlino, started Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence in 1999. Count Me In is now the leading non-profit provider of business education and support for women, providing practical, hands-on solutions for women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses into million-dollar operations.

On the state of mobile advocacy

I liked Matt Wilson's article in the July edition of the NTEN e-newsletter on the State of Mobile Advocacy, having written on this subject myself. Matt works for Mobile Commons, one of the vendors innovating with mobile advocacy. He writes: "There are now several vendors working in the nonprofit sector who have built target-matching applications for voice calls, similar to the district-matching features in the online advocacy arena. This is allowing organizations to connect their constituents directly to the phone lines of Congressional offices, skipping the Capitol Switchboard. This leads to longer average call times, as advocates are more likely to abandon the call when they are connected to the switchboard."

Happy Birthday President Clinton!

Success in social marketing and fundraising means making our clients visible in a crowded online marketplace. Our agency works with clients to develop a strategy that not only uses social networks, but also persuades others to pass the word on. That means creating inspiring and thoughtful messages that work for both email inboxes and social networking sites. It means telling a story that communicates the meaning of the work we are describing, and showing the results that come from it.

WomensTrust Creating Opportunities in Ghana

Last month, President Barack Obama spoke to people of Ghana about opportunity, responsibility, and the important role each of them has in determining their country’s future. His message was clear: “The world will be what you make of it.” Obama’s words challenged and encouraged the people of Ghana to take control of their own destiny – Africans have already shown their capacity and commitment to making change, and now is the time for them to use those tools to create new opportunities for themselves, he said.