Madera Group Congratulates the San Francisco Make Mine a Million $ Winners

The San Francisco Make Mine a Million $ Business event recently announced this year’s contest winners. The ten chosen were selected from a wide pool of businesswomen with hopes of growing their business’ revenue to 1 million dollars and beyond. The winners will receive business coaching and a cash award, as well as the opportunity to network with the thousands of women who have participated in the Count Me in for Women’s Economic Independence program.

ITIF Energy Innovation 2010 Event

Since its inception in 2006, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has worked towards formulating public policies to boost modernization and promote the widespread “digitalization” of the economy. The topic of energy technology is becoming increasingly important to the public eye as a result of the recent coal and oil safety disasters, and the U.S. military’s excessive energy expenditures.

Looking For a Few Good Women

Women own over 10 million businesses in the United States, yet less than 3% of women’s businesses reach $1 million or more in revenue. That’s why my longtime colleague, Nell Merlino, started Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence in 1999. Count Me In is now the leading non-profit provider of business education and support for women, providing practical, hands-on solutions for women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses into million-dollar operations.

Make Mine A Million $ Business Kick-Off Party

Are you a female entrepreneur struggling to find innovative ideas to market your business? Or perhaps you are in search of some extra finances to take your business to the next level. Then look no further than Make Mine A Million $ Business Award! This competition, a program of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, is geared towards woman business owners who dream of expanding their revenues to $1 million.

The Body Positive


Madera Group is working with The Body Positive to strengthen the next generation of female leaders, freeing them from obsession with external image, and supporting them in developing self acceptance so they can focus on living life to its fullest.  Young women of today are bombarded with advertising and a popular culture that promotes an unhealthy relationship between eating and wellness.