Diabetes Hands Foundation

In January of 2009, the two founders of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, Manny Hernandez and Andreina Davila, asked the Madera Group to help them envision and execute the next steps in their organizational growth.

Working with Ease — Is It Possible?

… Athena Williams-Atwood (in photo at left) thinks so. She knows about the importance of working with enjoyment and relaxation — sixteen years ago, at a time when she was working 60 to 80 hours a week, Athena had to radically change the way she managed her stress and tremendous work load. Eventually Athena founded Work With Ease, based in the US and Australia, to work with individuals and organizations to achieve better results, with peace of mind and health intact.

Teens Battle Carcinogens in Cosmetics

Today we feature Teens for Safe Cosmetics based in Marin County, California. While attending the Brower Youth Awards last month, I was moved by the young people being honored there for the environmental work they perform in their communities.