Who Pays the Price featured on WIRED Magazine!

The original trailer for Who Pays the Price: The Human Cost of Electronics, persuaded Apple to ban the chemicals in some of its factories, but much more needs to be done industry-wide.

Heather’s research behind the film was featured in WIRED magazine’s April issue. Read it here!

“Who Pays the Price, The Human Cost of Electronics  follows the stories of teenage Chinese workers in factories making products for the world’s leading electronics brands. Heather White and her team spent the past 18 months in China documenting chemical poisoning among workers and the serious injuries in the production of cell phones. Teenage workers became gravely ill from contact with the carcinogenic chemicals benzene and n-hexane, widely used in the production of smart phones and other electronics. The film, shot below the radar in China offers an unprecedented opportunity to finally meet the young people who are paying the true cost of cheap electronics – and to hear their personal stories.  For the 1st time we learn about brave workers who’ve decided to fight back, challenging the system, and joining a growing global movement calling for sweeping changes.”