The William J. Clinton Foundation

    C_Foundation_logo_EPSThe William J. Clinton Foundation seeks to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges through collaborative partnerships. Programs include the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

    The Opportunity

    After leaving the White House in 2001, President Bill Clinton founded the William J. Clinton Foundation. In the fall of 2007, recognizing the growing importance of online fundraising and social media, the Foundation sought outside expertise to expand its fundraising capacity. The challenge was to reach a broad cross section of donors to support the Clinton Foundation’s programs to fight HIV/AIDS, eliminate childhood obesity, and address climate change. The Foundation needed to build deeper relationships with their supporters and to tap new audiences committed to its mission.

    The Madera Group Solution

    Between October 2007 and October 2009, The Madera Group worked with the Clinton Foundation to build fundraising campaigns, message about programmatic initiatives, and grow the email list.  Madera also helped retool the back-end and CRM technology, developed forecasting revenue scenarios, produced videos, generated e-cards, and advised staff while internal capacity was being developed. On a day-to-day level, the Madera team worked closely with Foundation staff to develop strategy and content, design dynamic messages, and manage the online donor database. On a monthly basis, Madera provided analytical reports and spreadsheets on fundraising results and list growth. Madera also advocated for the strategic use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Throughout the engagement, The Madera Group deployed innovative online fundraising strategies in an integrated way to:

    • Recruit new subscribers through,
    • Integrate media opportunities with real-time messaging,
    • Produce interactive, media-rich content that encourages viewers to forward the messages to their friends, and
    • Raise public awareness about the Foundation through campaigns combining traditional media, online messaging, and high-visibility events.

    Madera helped lay the groundwork for the Foundation to build its own internal capacity to design, execute, and analyze ongoing online fundraising and messaging campaigns.

    RESULT: Increased online revenue


    For the 2008 year-end campaign, Madera developed interactive multimedia promoting the Foundation’s activities throughout the world. The final appeal in the 2008 year-end fundraising campaign featured President Clinton in an online video, Why I Give. Madera integrated rich video footage and photographs with a message from President Clinton about the rewards of charitable giving. The dynamic content spurred viewers to donate and forward the messages to their social networks, expanding the reach of the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation’s year-end campaigns yielded strong open and click-through rates, leading to positive fundraising results during one of the most significant financial downturns in history.

    RESULT: Increased email list growth

    A critical component of the email messaging and online fundraising strategy was to grow the size of the email list to ensure a growing constituency of supporters and prospective donors. Our efforts to link online messaging to President Clinton’s ongoing media activities and high-visibility events required fast turnaround and yielded positive results for fundraising and list building. Appearances and events included: the Rachael Ray Show, Larry King Live, trips to Africa and Haiti, and the celebrated North Korea diplomatic mission.

    RESULT: Developed creative multimedia content

    Sample_Page_2As an example of creative and engaging content, at a special reception that featured of the Black Eyed Peas for 600 young professionals, Madera’s multimedia team produced a video about the work of the Foundation’s Millennium Network. The network seeks to inspire young people to become the “How Generation” — How can we make individual changes in our lives to make a large difference in the world? Actors Jessica Alba and Adrian Grenier, hosts of the event, shared their goals on video that was produced at the event. As a follow-up to the reception, an email message shared the video with the network’s supporters. If you are interested in learning more about The Madera Group, please contact Kath Delaney, Chief Executive Officer, at (510) 705-1861 or